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7 Kinds of Pharisees

(according to William Barclay)

1. Shoulder Pharisees- they are Pharisees who were accustomed of displaying accounts of their good deeds on their shoulders for other people to see and admire. When they prayed, they put ashes on their heads as an act of humility and wore sad expressions on their faces to suggest piousness.

2. “Wait a little” Pharisees- these were the Pharisees, who, due to their cleaver ability to come up with frabricated spiritual reason for putting off doing something good. Pious excuses were their stock in trade.

3. “Bruised and Bleeding” Pharisees- these were the Pharisees, who, in order not to commit the sin of looking at a woman lustfully, those Pharisees closed their eyes whenever women were around. Understandably, they received many bruises and abrasions from bumping into walls, posts, and other objects. They measured their piousness by the number of severity of their injuries.

4. “Humpback tumbling” Pharisees- these were the Pharisees who showw off their supposed humility, they slouched over with bent backs and shuffled their feet instead of taking normal steps, leading to frequent stumbles and tumbles.

5. “Ever-Seeking” Pharisees- These were the Pharisees who were named because of the meticulous record keeping of their good dees in order to determine how much reward God owed them.

6. “Fearing” Pharisees- These were the Pharisees whose terror over the prospect of hell motivated everything they did.

7. “God-fearing” Pharisees- These were the Pharisees whose lives were motivated out of genuine love for God and a desire to please Him. The Pharisee Nicodemus (John 3:1; 19:39) would doubtlessly have been classed in this group. Joseph of Arimathea who took care of Jesus’ body after the Cross was one of them.