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Welcome to the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society and to the Lorenzo Mission Institute
Archdiocese of Manila  Welcomes the Year of the Youth Program held at the Our Lady of  Guadalupe Minor Seminary,  Makati City on 1 December 2018

1. God created us out of His Free and Unselfish Love. Love became the source and foundation of creation.

2. God created us to make Himself tangible to all His creatures especially to man and woman who were considered as “apex” of His creation.

3. God created man and woman in order to share His joy to us. Out of His “surplus” love He created us.

4. God created us that we may be able to share His joy and His overflowing love.

Youth Catechism No. 2 Why did God create us? Bukluran 2018 Investiture Thanksgiving LRMS Assembly Year of the Youth On December 1, 2018 the Archdiocese of Manila launched the Year of the Youth at Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary. Around 3,000 youth came to witness the opening ceremonies.