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Urbi et Orbi

On December 25, 2018 the Holy Father sent a message “Urbi et Orbi” with the message on Fraternity. Christmas for him is all about fraternity with everybody. He said that we are all brothers and sisters though varied cultures, religions, ideas, and nations. He said that our fraternity is based on four elements: first, Christ has a human face therefore we have to be good human beings to each other; second, His salvation comes through love, acceptance, and respect, therefore we are mutually having the same desires; third, our differences are sources of richness. Therefore, we constantly desire for unity and harmony with one another. Therefore, man is created to be one in direction. Fourth, God is our parent and the foundation of our humanity. Therefore, we are all sons and daughters of a single Father in heaven. We should live in fraternity.

Merry Christmas from the LRMS and the LMI

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